Eagle Creek’s Durable, Lightweight Cargo Hauler

The roomy duffle bag can be carried multiple ways and packs down into a pocket

On a recent camping trip for a desert music festival, carrying an overstuffed duffle was a regrettable choice—all weekend long. It was extremely heavy, and the only way to carry it was a rough strap that seemed to leave permanent groove in my shoulder. Eagle Creek’s Cargo Hauler Duffle promises to be flexible to your needs—not the other way around. The San Diego-based travel luggage experts (best known for their packing cubes and folders) has used tough, waterproof Bi-Tech Armor Lite fabric for the duffle, which shaves off the weight: the smallest size clocks in at just one pound and eight ounces. Padded handles, removable backpack straps, lash points (to attach to car roof-racks) and extra roomy pockets on both sides make it a versatile bag especially for longer trips.

The top feature is how compact it gets when unused; it folds into one of the aforementioned side pockets. This has been extremely useful on a few recent international trips: taking up little space in the suitcase, it makes a great expandable back-up bag in case you go overboard on souvenir purchases.

Best of all, the Cargo Hauler reasonably priced—the small size is $89 and it tops off at $119 for the 120 XL. There are wheeled versions are $159-169 as well. Also worth noting is the generous “No Matter What” lifetime warranty. Eagle Creek will repair and return the bag free of charge no matter the cause of damage (and they have certified repair shops around the world).

Lead image by Cool Hunting, outdoor image courtesy of Eagle Creek