Five Beach Day Essentials

A valuable-protecting towel, time-tested flippers and more for the perfect summer outing

The beauty of the beach is that you don’t need much to have great time. Simply relaxing on the sand near a body of water is often pleasure enough. Still, a few well-chosen items will make your time in the sun more fun and comfortable. From keeping safe on the sand to having fun in the water, we’ve got you covered.



While a towel is a basic addition to your beach kit, it’s essential to get it right—after all, the towel is to the beach what a tent is to camping. Designed in Australia and handmade in Portugal, Vertty towels are packed with design features you didn’t even know you missed. A sleek water-resistant zippered pocket keeps valuables like cash and smartphones safe from sand, moisture and theft. The towel’s size and bright, geometric design make your real estate more visible from the water, while offering plenty of room for a friend at the same time. Plus the quick-drying fabric makes for excellent all-day use after repeated dips. Pick up a Vertty in a range of summer-ready colors for $90 online.



While the sun is often what draws you outside, it’s essential to take steps to protect yourself from harmful UVB rays. After being wholly impressed with their oceanic earplugs, we had high hopes for Biarritz, France-based EQ’s EVOA line of all natural and organic sunscreens. Intended for active use, EVOA’s products will last a full day on the sand with plenty of swims and surfs in between. An all-natural approach to the range of sunscreen, tanning lotion and ultra-utility face-sticks mean the products are free of allergens. Best of all, the products are healthy for the ocean and hold the first certification for sun care products that are non-toxic for coral reefs and the marine environment. Made in France, EVOA products are available worldwide.


Da Fin

When it’s time to cool off in the water, there’s no better way to cut loose than a quick bodysurf. Any size of wave will do and the poorer the conditions for surfing mean the more waves you’ll score bodysurfing. While not necessary, a pair of flippers make getting into waves easy and will have you smiling all the way into the beach. There’s no better pair than the time-tested Da Fin from Hawaii. Offering unmatched comfort and power output, it’s no wonder why these are standard issue equipment for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. Available in a range of sizes and colors (though green is our favorite), Da Fins are available online starting at $65.

Colonel Caracas Chair
colonel-A.jpg colonel-B.jpg

Add a touch of style and luxury to your day at the beach with the Caracas chair from French design studio Colonel. A CH favorite since its launch, the studio recently released a new “Miami” print for summer. Made in France, the chair is a throwback to camping chairs from the ’60s with plenty of Mediterranean vibes tossed in for good measure. A removable, fabric backing ensures you’ll always look fresh, even after a long summer on the sand. The Caracas chair is available online for $545.

beach-day-da-kine-cyclone-A.jpg beach-day-da-kine-cyclone-B.jpg
Cyclone Dry Pack

Dakine’s Cyclone Dry Pack is perfect for any kind of summer adventure—be it a trip to the beach, lake or river-tubing. No matter how much splishing and splashing you do, this backpack—with waterproof welded construction and roll-top closure—will keep all your treasured belongings safe and dry. With 36L capacity, the PU-coated nylon pack is also big enough to carry everything you’ll need for a day of fun and frivolity. Available online for $120.

Caracas image courtesy of Colonel, all others by Hans Aschim