Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Stoner cuisine, denim glad rag fashion, and re-thinking airport furniture in this week's web roundup


1. The Creators Project

Intel and Vice Magazine teamed up to launch The Creators Project, featuring installations, artworks, and performances that celebrate the creative world. The Creators Project kicks off with an event in New York City on 26 June 2010 before traveling to other locations.


2. Key to the City

Creative Time‘s latest project, Key to the City, involves artist Paul Ramirez Jonas and the City of New York, inviting citizens of New York City to “pay it forward” by handing out keys to the city which unlock a variety of hidden treasures and public spaces.


3. The CFDA Incubator Project

Vogue introduces us to the 12 chosen designers of the CFDA Incubator Project, which gives its members low-rent studio space in Manhattan to help start their fashion enterprises.


4. L.A.’s Newest Barber

A Contiunous Lean goes inside Baxter of California’s new men’s barber shop in L.A., where they offer grooming services housed in striking old-fashioned interior .


5. Mood Indigo

Visual artist Keren Richter and a team of talented creatives put the spotlight on denim—playing of Depression-era style and Texas Tuxedos—in an exclusive photo shoot for Style Caster.


6. Passenger Terminal Expo 2010

The Wall Street Journal reviews the ins and outs of airport furniture design, covering this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Brussels and the great ongoing debate of form over function.


7. E-Werk

Using sheer pedal power as its energy source, E-Werk charges gadgets while you bike. As Urban Daddy points out, turning into your own personal power plant has its advantages (like blasting our new summer warm-up playlist from your ride).


8. Inntel Hotel Amsterdam

Tweeted by CH colleague Jose Mejia, the new Inntel Hotel Amsterdam, comprised of 12 houses stacked on top of each other is an intriguing architectural feat and seemingly stellar spot to hang out.


9. Write The Future

As the world gears up for World Cup 2010, Nike takes the excitement to a new level with their Wieden+Kennedy-produced video Write The Future. The action-packed short, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (whose new film Biutiful has been getting some recent attention at Cannes), makes some clever predictions about football players, capturing the competition in its full glory—from the obsessed fans to the brawny footballers and all the life in between.


10. Paul McCarthy

American artist Paul McCarthy finds a home for his monumental masterpiece Pig Island at Milan’s recently reopened Palazzo Citterio.


11. Marijuana Kitchen Culture

The New York Times features the recent rise in haute stoner cuisine, highlighting chefs that find inspiration for new recipes with a little help from their leafy friends, and causing thousands of stoners all over the world to say (for the hundredth time), “I totally had that idea.”


12. Take Care of Our Planet Pledge

Levi’s teams up with Goodwill in a pledge to care for our planet, emphasizing the power of line drying and donating old clothes to charity once they’ve served their purpose, as well as instituting a program that repurposes old jeans into insulation.