YNOT Magnetica Everyday Backpack

The Toronto-based brand offers its newest bag (and other designs) at a steep discount to keep production local

YNOT was conceived as a locally made line of urban cycling gear by founder Tony Mammoliti, who was unsatisfied by what was available for riders. Since its launch in 2009, the Tortonto-based company has evolved into a dependable producer of durable bags for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. And, unusually, all of YNOT’s bags and accessories are handmade in Canada, with most of the materials sourced from the US, and every stage of production from prototyping to manufacturing takes place in-house in Toronto. It’s this dedication to local production that leads YNOT to fund a reasonable sum with every new bag launch.

“While garment factories are still common in Canada, none of them are equipped for the heavy duty sewing that we require,” Mammoliti tells CH. “All of that equipment and expertise is overseas now. That’s why we had to build our own factory from the ground up. The challenges we face to produce our goods competitively and in our own Toronto factory are huge. We’ve had to be really thoughtful about how we design our products and how we organize our processes so that we don’t waste materials or labor. Crowdfunding can help us raise the funds we need for equipment upgrades and larger material buys that we need to grow.” To sweeten the deal for loyal customers, YNOT offers a limited number of bags at a steep discount during the duration of their campaign. Their latest crowdfunding endeavor celebrates their newest design, the Magnetica backpack.

Magnetica is an amalgamation of the best features found in YNOT’s various bags, packed into a go-to everyday backpack that comes with a lifetime warranty. The bag features an external laptop compartment (sealed by a YKK Aquaguard® water-repellent zipper), a spacious main compartment with a urethane coated 400D Diamond ripstop nylon floating liner (separable from the outer via velcro straps), auto-locating magnetic buckles (which slide horizontally to unlock) and more. We’re fans of the Magnetica’s waxed canvas versions, as well as the bag’s near-invisible branding—just two tiny tags by the straps.

“I love the look of old style canoe packs, especially the main flap with two closure points that they tend to have. I like their square and simple design,” says Mammoliti, who is the primary designer for all bags. “So I took that concept and thought about how I can modernize it and make it work for the tools that we carry today. This pack is for the modern voyager: not traveling by canoe but going to work on the subway, taking the bus to the gym or flying on a plane for a quick adventure. I wanted something that was modular that has just the right amount of compartments allowing you to access what you need when you need it. And most of all, to protect your tools from the elements.” It’s a backpack like this that adds a confident spring in your step before you head out the door in the morning, ready to face whatever the skies hold in store that day.

Purchase YNOT’s Magnetica backpack starting at $150 (original retail price $230-270) through their Indiegogo campaign, where three other bag designs are also offered at a noticeable discount. Limited quantities are available for each.

Close-up image of laptop compartment by Cool Hunting, all other images courtesy of YNOT