Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel in Miami Beach

Turning an Art Deco wonder into the latest waterfront destination

At the prime location of 18th and Collins in Miami, the Nautilus—a new destination from the SIXTY Hotels group—has opened its doors just in time for Miami Art Week. The 250-room Art Deco property rests beside the beach, but it’s the structure itself and what’s inside that make it a cultural wonder and an exciting new destination. Hotelier Jason Pomeranc took famed architect Morris Lapidus’ original 1950s vision, added hints of European hospitality and design, and turned something historic into a contemporary luxury hotel.

The structure itself—from its magnificent façade to ocean views from the bedrooms—stands as a principal asset. “I have known the property for many years, just because you tend to pick up the geography of the area if you’re in the business,” Pomeranc explains to CH. The building traded hands several times over the last decade but Pomeranc looked to its history. “It was a diamond in the rough that had gotten downtrodden over the years. It was prime for a relaunch, at probably one of the best locations in all South Beach. It had real gravitas and I wanted to bring it back to its glory days—make it a current international destination and something relevant to Miami today,” he says.

The spacious lobby (complete with bar) and the comfort of the rooms convey a different interpretation of the Miami scene. As Pomeranc shares, “The way we approached it was like a classical European beach hotel. Rather than segmenting the space—like, ‘This is our restaurant and this is our pool,’ we created a level of continuity that fully encompasses the design in a seamless way. The idea of an urban resort is what I find so exciting in a social way and in a lodging way.” While everything in South Beach holds to a certain aesthetic and program of late, there’s a welcoming element of the international to Nautilus.

There are also many flourishes distinct to the SIXTY Hotel group, and despite its differences from the NYC and LA properties, culture is at its core. “All of our hotels draw inspiration from cultural iconography. With this building, we picked a moment in the hotel’s history and drew the creative spirit out of it. We studied what was here before—these glamorous and decorate elements—and we mixed that with contemporary furniture and art from different periods.” The result mirrors that of an exemplary 1950s house that’s been restored for the modern day.

“I think that Miami has basically become a new global capital,” Pomeranc concludes. “This American Riviera, a living intersection of culture and commerce. To be a part of that as a hotel brand is incredibly exciting.” Pomeranc has been visiting Miami since he was a child—and now his hotel is a welcome addition to the world of hospitality.

You can book a room at the Nautilus online, where rooms start at $195.

Images courtesy SIXTY Hotels