All My Pretty Ones: Tone Poems


Two years since releasing the Handsbreath EP, the Bay Area folk group All My Pretty Ones return with their debut full-length, Tone Poems. A mix of brand new and previously recorded tracks, the record transcends the somewhat limiting "folk" classification seems limiting. While the disc's 11 songs are heavily based around traditional folk ingredients (acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies) the collective's eclectic musicianship shifts through bluegrass to rock and even jazz.

Lead by singer and guitarist Derek Schmidt, members Genessa Kealoha, Jesse Wade, Jocelyn Bentley-Prestwich and Matt Payne indelibly color each song. Using a wide assortment of string, brass and reed instruments, they transform Schmidt's modest guitar numbers into lush, fully-realized orchestrations.

You can buy Tone Poems through CD Baby or catch an upcoming performance.