Bad for Me

A gluttonous, gun-slinging, pill-popping pop-up at Shizaru Gallery in London


Bad for Me,” a pop-up shop that seeks to explore the complexities of what is considered harmful, opens at the Shizaru Gallery in London’s Mayfair this week. Curated by Grey Area, the shop presents objects without judgment to allow audiences to draw their own conclusions. From a small pile of fabric cigarettes, to sculptured glass droplets of blood that can be worn as jewelry, to a platter of chocolates made from press-on nails and birth control pills, to over-the-counter pills cast in resin, all vices are on hand to evoke different feelings toward vices like alcoholism, vanity and drugs.

“Bad for Me” runs in conjunction with “Bad for You,” an exhibition curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody, focusing on contemporary art pertaining to the exhibition’s title. The show and shop open at Shizaru Gallery on 10 October 2012.