Bushfire Brandalism Replaces Ads With Activism Posters

Australia’s Bushfire Brandalism collective uses guerrilla tactics to occupy high-traffic spots reserved for traditional advertising, replacing them with thoughtful protest posters pertaining to the government’s inaction regarding climate change and the country’s ongoing bushfires. The group (made up of 41 artists, including Stanislava Pinchuk, ghostpatrol, Leans, and Tom Gerrard) has successfully replaced 78 advertisements so far. As one member explains, “We do not accept that this situation is ‘business as usual.’ We are making these issues visible in our public spaces and in our media; areas monopolized by entities maintaining conservative climate denial agendas. If the newspapers won’t print the story, we will!” Poignant and purposeful, the work that Bushfire Brandalism is producing is also remarkably creative, thoughtful and attractive. See more at It’s Nice That.