Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co.

Our "store" with the new subscription service puts physical gifts in your mail box


You might have already read about how impressed we were with Quarterly Co., a new subscription service offering gifts hand-selected by a unique roster of influential contributors. Well, now it’s our turn—opening today at 12 p.m. PST, the Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co. “store” will be live for 48 hours, during which time users may buy subscriptions to receive CH-curated packages—called “issues”—every three months.

Subscriptions start at $25 per quarter for a selection handpicked by Cool Hunting co-founders Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten. Items included in each issue will reflect their interest in design based on clever combinations of form and function. “Think Transformers, but with a utilitarian angle” says Rubin. Subscribe within the next 48 hours to receive Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co. mailings.