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Fleet Foxes: I’m Not My Season

Fleet Foxes made a statement by releasing their highly anticipated fourth album, Shore, on the autumn equinox—a move that emphasizes long-held associations between the indie-folk act and fall colors, a crisp breeze and the reflection associated with the season’s sensory elements. Thus, we found the track “I’m Not My Season” to be the album’s emotional anchor and one aligns with frontman Robin Pecknold’s desire to make an album that exists “in a liminal space outside of time, inhabiting both the future and the past, accessing something spiritual or personal that is untouchable by whatever the state of the world may be at a given moment, whatever our season.” One of Shore‘s most pared-back entries, “I’m Not My Season” combines gentle strumming with Pecknold’s reflective vocals and lyrics aswirl with seasonal references that engage with (and defy) the autumnal expectation. Fleet Foxes have also released a companion film named Shore, with lyric videos for each of the album’s tracks, that’s been shot on Super 16mm and directed by Kersti Jan Werdal.


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