Four&Sons Journal

The digital dog loving publication puts a paw into the world of print


The ever expanding interest in indy publications continues to create something for everyone, not matter how specialized their interest. And not just something, but something worth reading. Appealing to a rather large audience, Australia’s Four&Sons takes aim at man, and the relationship with his best friend. To celebrate their one year anniversary—or 10yr, depending on who you ask—the predominately digital publication created a beautifully done, limited run journal. Printed on newsprint, the full-sized journal is a real treat for dog and design lovers. Art, photography and writing enthusiasts will surely take a liking to it too.

Four-and-Sons-paper-issue-1.jpg Four-and-Sons-issue-1-inside.jpg

Inside you’ll find an array of insightful interviews, artist profiles and no shortage of photo-essays. Relying heavily on the impact of black and white, a few key sections brighten the landscape with a grid of full color images. Here we find the cleverly titled series “Tails from the Fishbowl,” in which dogs peer longingly from closed windows, as well as a semi-predictable section on everyone’s favorite balancing coonhound, Maddie.

Flipping through the 60 page newsprint journal reveals a wealth of content sure to appeal to anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of having a four-legged friend, and even to those who just admire the canine.


Find the one-off Four&Sons journal for free in select shops in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and Los Angeles. For those located elsewhere, a copy can be acquired online for between $3.50-7.50 AUD, depending on where you mark your territory; iPad issue coming soon.

Images by Graham Hiemstra