Glass Ghost: Like A Diamond Video


The first video from Brooklyn's piano-drum duo Glass Ghost looks like it could have a copyright two decades old. Produced by Peking (the outfit behind numerous CH videos), the "Like a Diamond" video cobbles together a seemingly random collection of home videos, some with singer Eliot Krimsky superimposed over it, others left in all their retro glory. The edit intersperses shots of Krimsky posturing like a mystic or low-rent magician through hazy, colored filters that give the effect of an old VHS after one too many re-tapings.


The song itself pairs a plaintive keyboard wash and spare drums, with Krimsky's falsetto taking center stage. The song's brooding pace and repeated cantations of the title provide a fitting counterpoint the video's non-linear structure.

"Like A Diamond" will be on Glass Ghost's debut LP, Idol Omen, due out next month on Western Vinyl. You can see more of Peking's work on their site. Check out the video below.