Jayson Scott Musson: Too Black for B.E.T. Episodes I & II




From cover to cover, Jayson Musson's collection of broadsheet posters teem with racial stereotypes, crude sexual references and more than a few people relieving themselves on other people for a bit of offensive humor. But behind all the dick jokes and cocaine stories, he has a penchant for blunt social commentary and anti-corporate activism. Each of the 36 (appropriately black-and-white) posters have a kernel of principal wrapped in a mess of absurdity. And yes, it's funny too. Musson exhibits a conversationally hysterical voice and sarcasm that is all but impossible to convey in print. Some might be offended, but they're clearly not getting the joke. (Click on the images for more detail.)

Musson lives in Philadelphia and has worked as a columnist for Philadelphia Weekly magazine. He also does illustrations and exhibits drawings across the country. You can buy Too Black for B.E.T. for $17 through independent publishers, Free News Projects.