Juha Tanhua’s Photography Turns Parking Lot Oil Spills Into Galaxies

Finnish photographer Juha Tanhua noticed an oil spill by his car that reminded him of the Northern Lights. He captured it, then forgot about it. When he rediscovered the image in his archive, he began to seek out and photograph more leaks around parking lots after heavy rain. Tanhua soon amassed a collection—which he refers to as “oil paintings,” since they are quite literally artworks of oil—that he manipulates by playing with exposure, shadows, highlights and contrast to turn the spills into galaxies, nebulas, comets and other cosmic constellations. “I don’t look up, but down,” the artist explains to Colossal. “It’s not space above us; it’s space under our feet. You can find subjects to photograph even in dull places like parking lots. Expect nothing, get everything.” Learn more about Tanhua and view his mesmerizing photos at Colossal.

Image courtesy of Juha Tanhua