LN-CC Additions

The Dalston concept shop's new Chameleon mezcal bar and a mirror-clad Secular Space

by Sabine Zetteler

It’s Fashion Week in London, and the city is abuzz with gossip, martinis and forward-thinking style. Frankly, we’re exhausted—and to seek a little solace we’ve headed back east to LN-CC, the place where even the most po-faced fashion fiends can take a little time to chill out.

Things have changed at the Dalston concept shop since we chatted with brand director Dan Mitchell about the deliciously obscure musical treasure trove gracing the mesmerizing Gary Card-designed basement digs. The progressive team behind LN-CC has added two new nooks to shout about, an 1,100 sq ft space dedicated solely to shoes and accessories and an enticing mezcal-inspired bar in the back.


Chameleon, the gorgeous new bar, doubles as a place to stop and confront the possibility you may never own all these beautiful things while taking in their allure and chatting with like-minded style savants. Small and geometrically formed, it’s a wood-paneled, angular nest created to accommodate their by-appointment customers for a much needed coffee or dram of mezcal, day and night. The space will also serve as a hub for their soon-to-launch monthly event schedule, which will include talks, music gigs and private parties, as well as their upcoming tastings with Spring Bear—dubbed “M&Ms”—where guests will be invited to sip mezcal amid a bespoke musical soundtrack.


Thomas Bullock of Spirit Bear, one of the original New York disco scenesters, curated the collection of fine and rare mezcal varieties for the launch and loves the space so much he now intends on using the bar as the London base of his record label too. Chameleon is dark and slick as you would expect, but just as friendly and relaxed as the rest of the LN-CC package.


Secular Space is a bold, neoprene-encased octagonal tunnel built to house their ever-growing assortment of leather bags, jewelry and footwear. In fact, demand is always so high, it was this part of the LN-CC collection that initially inspired the renovations. As the name implies, it’s bright, elegant and ingenious, with mirrored shelves reflecting white light in all directions&#8212like an imaginary heaven for androids. The room thoughtfully accents what it contains, which is an equally stunning collection of goods both large and small by Lanvin, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Yang Li, Ann Demeulemeester, Myriam Schaefer and the lesser known gem, Parts of Four.


Like the other rooms, the new arrivals are offbeat, imaginative and absolutely original; they sit together comfortably and make the place feel complete. Stop by to check out the new areas, or to see the gallery space, which is currently displaying Our Exquisite Corpse’s collection of meticulously made Huichol skulls. For more information on the recent additions or to visit the futuristic showroom that is LN-CC, see their website.

Images courtesy of LN-CC