Lost in the Discovery of What Shapes the Mind

Brooklyn-based artist Mike Perry's imaginative prints, sculpture, and other art objects in a new solo show

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Longtime CH fave, artist and designer Mike Perry’s new installation of prints, sculpture, and other objects opens at his Alma Mater, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, on 25 March 2010.

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Including over 30 prints, a log sculpture with a small galaxy spilling from it, a mobile hanging down from the gallery’s lofted ceiling, and many other surprises “inspired by memory, place, and the nature of the mind,” the show promises plenty of Perry’s vivid hues and hand-drawn aesthetic.


With Keith Haring’s playful intensity, Perry’s obsessively-rendered images—like hundreds of interconnected triangles or massive mobiles based on his designs—build a visual language full of geometric shapes, references to outer space and other fantastical imagery. (Click above image for detail.)

Besides an impressive artistic portfolio, typography work, and two popular books, Perry’s also applied his signature look to an array of commercial work. Besides a camera, espresso machine and sunglasses, he revamped Eames’ classic bucket chair with an intricate black-and-white pattern, and designed shoes and backpacks for Nike. Perry’s latest endeavor is an artists’ edition trash can for the Danish Vipp.

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See his work for Vipp, along with a few sketches and other insights into his process, in the slide show below. To learn more about the show, check out the images he’s been posting at the site he created for it.

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