Premiere: Asbjørn’s BOY PWR

Striking out against male stereotypes by way of a track infused with girl power references

Anyone who grew up in the LGBTQ+ community before the prevalence of the internet was aware of an acute lack of visible, diverse role models. Thanks to pop culture, the wealth of resources provided by social media and more, this has begun to change. And yet, it’s not enough—especially in traditional media industries. Denmark-born, Berlin-based singer Asbjørn understands this, and with his new single “BOY PWR” hopes to let young males know that it’s OK to be one’s most true self—to defy stereotypes and hold strong. Drawing upon (and paying respect to) girl power pop music references, Asbjørn sing-raps his way through a meaningful message. It was through dialogues with fans, while on extensive tours across Europe the last five years, that the musician and performer realized most of today’s youth do not relate to the standard male ideal—and many have trouble being proud of the elements that make them different. His track is a next step in his efforts to challenge norms.

Directed by Berlin-based filmmaker Sylvie Weber, the video balances neon-saturated choreography with a small narrative of a boy combatting boredom. With the line “you put the faith in the power of you,” Asbjørn demands—almost by way of the pages of the fandom magazine his boy character is reading—the idea of dancing through one’s problems and loneliness. The track hails from Asbjørn’s forthcoming third album, also titled BOY PWR, set for release in 2017. It will be a tribute to the influential pop moments on the ’90s, though infused with his own experimental stylings.

Video and images courtesy of Asbjørn