Cool Hunting Video Presents: Okamoto Studio

We get to see sushi-chef-turned-ice-sculptor Takeo Okamoto as he shaves a block to resemble CH mascots Otis and Logan

Takeo Okamoto, an established sushi chef in his native Japan discovered his calling for ice sculpture and moved to the iciest place he could think of, Alaska. Winner of several international awards, including a Silver Medal in the 1998 Olympics, Takeo now runs Okamoto Studio with his son Shintaro in New York City.

We were introduced to them through Jeremy Mangan, an artist whose coffee paintings we admired. When we spoke with Jeremy he mentioned that he also sculpts ice—he’s in fact Okamoto’s principal carver—the result of Jeremy and Shintaro having met in an art class at Hunter College.

We decided right away to make a video of the studio and, after some deliberation, we realized CH mascots Otis and Logan would make the perfect subjects for a video and a great feature at our 50th Episode party. Guests were treated to the breathtaking sculptures of the Sealyham Terriers themselves and to raw footage from the video of them being made.