Pet People Magazine

60 feel-good pages of families and their furry friends

The bond between people and their pets is fascinating. Years of nuanced looks, noises and nudges form an unspoken understanding that often transcends many human relationships. Pet People Magazine understands this, and has set out to explore the unique connections between people and their pets, one city at a time.

Started by photographer Hilda Grahnat and art director and graphic designer Linnea Paulsson—who met when studying together in Malmö, Sweden—the independent publication offers cute glimpses into the lives of people and their fuzzy, furry and feathery friends. Grahnat tells CH of the publication’s inception, “Ever since we first met, we have talked about doing a project portraying men and pets. We also think the new world of independent publishing is very exciting and we wanted to be a part of it.” Grahnat and Paulsson also wanted to work on a project that had no boundaries—something personal. “We ourselves are true pet people. So Pet People is a combination of all our favorite things really: hanging out with pets, photographing and art directing/designing, making a magazine and thereby a place for ourselves in a context we were curious about, and finally working together,” Grahnat says.

Each short and sweet issue takes readers to a different city (for the first issue, the duo put an open call on their social media channels), encountering human and animal companions in their homes and on the streets while uncovering what makes their relationship unique through candid interviews and thoughtful imagery. There’s nothing out of the ordinary in the pages of Pet People (no grumpy cats or impeccably dressed pups), just real animals and the people they love—heartwarming and full of positive vibes.

The first issue—including eight families in Malmö and a special stop at a poodle salon—is currently available for purchase on Pet People’s website for €15. To keep up to date follow Pet People’s Instagram.

Images by Hilda Grahnat