Premiere: “Karen” by Felix and the Future

A dazzling narrative quest in the queer art-pop artist's latest music video

With the inherent theatricality in “Karen” by Felix and the Future, the musician (along with co-director Michael St Onge) has crafted a music video of epic proportions. A ballad with electronic twists receives visual support from warped religious iconography and a precious metal plating throughout. Sexuality runs rampant, as a heroine figure guides viewers through the experience—receiving adoration and doubt along the way.

“Karen is hiding in all of us. She is the person that we want to be versus the person that we are,” Felix explains to CH. “‘Karen’ is a song of betrayal. Not only will she betray you, but you will betray yourself for her,” he continues. The song “sets the tone as the first track of my new album Holy Hands Vol. 2. It is a journey through deep space, searching for something to make me forget the rejection, ridicule and abuse that I have experienced in my past. ‘Karen’ is one of many that will be confronted.” Felix and St Onge captivate by stringing this narrative through a video both magnificent and full of DIY spirit.

Video and images courtesy of Felix and the Future