Ratking: Snow Beach

NYC hip-hop trio Ratking represents the next generation of gritty rap that is quintessentially New York. Citing wide-ranging inspirations from the Wu Tang Clan to the Ramones, the group’s unique style is a harmonious representation of the city’s edgier side—think more buying loosies at a bodega in Harlem, less “Book of Mormon” on Broadway. Ratking teamed up with frequent photo and video collaborator and CH favorite Ari Marcopoulos for their latest video. Taking the title literally, “Snow Beach” sees Wiki, Hak and Sporting Life taking the subway in the dead of winter deep into Brooklyn for a day at the beach. Shot in austere black and white on the more or less deserted, snow-covered beach, the video aptly captures the duality of winter in the city: gloomy, but bearable with friends around. And despite the freezing temperatures of winter, NYC’s weirdness is never fully at bay as a shirtless gentleman jogs by and a woman takes a dip.