Robert Adam Mayer

Despite having worked with some of the world's biggest celebrities and publications (including The New York Times, Allure, Harvard Magazine, The Age and Popular Science) NYC-based photographer Robert Adam Mayer remains down-to-earth in his approach to his craft. "I used to look at things like fame, etc., however as I get older and more spiritual I try to think less about money and focus instead on meaningful imagery. It is a balance," admits Mayer, "It's wild that I get paid to do this and truly a gift—don't get me wrong, I do create photos for payment and make others 'just because.' Commerce and art have been combining lately."

Art exhibitions have also been featuring his work lately. Mayer is contributing to the upcoming Art Walk Nyack exhibition as well as an auction for Kids for Tomorrow, a charity that benefits kids in Nairobi, of which he says "I'm doing mainly portraits and a very large collage of the World Trade Center—shot in 1994."

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