No Mas: Rumblevision


In celebration of the 35th anniversary of what is arguably one of the most historic sporting events of all time, NYC label/agency No Mas created Rumblevision—a set of three animated short films reinterpreting the fight between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman.


Infamous quotes from the fight such as "I'm so mean I make medicine sick" and "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" narrate the artistic films, each with its own active theme. David Rathman's short called "Zaire" really speaks to the tone of the fight, coined "Rumble In The Jungle" for it's African location, while Jerome Lagarrigue's "Round Zero" adds a Spanish twist, envisioning each of the boxers as bulls pitted against each other, moving fluently around the ring. In James Blagden's playful version, aptly titled "Godfather of Soul vs Great of All Time," Muhammed Ali takes down James Brown, who dances his way back to life.


Created in conjunction with Muhammed Ali Enterprises, the celebration also includes watercolor paintings by David Rathman and soon limited edition prints of stills from the films, alongside Muhammed Ali-inspired apparel.