Shinola Store NYC

Detroit's multifaceted brand opens up shop in TriBeCa with The Smile Newsstand

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Shinola opened their debut brick-and-mortar store in Midtown Detroit in June 2013 and this weekend they opened their second in NYC’s TriBeCa neighborhood. Designed by the Rockwell Group to inspire shoppers to linger, the spacious store features a small cafe and newsstand by The Smile in the front and is literally filled from floor to ceiling with Shinola branded products, special collaborations and a specially chosen collection of goods from like-minded brands. With the scarce availability of Shinola’s watches and handmade bicycles outside of Detroit, the NYC shop’s ample inventory offers a rare chance to see a range of American-made products and apparel previously only found online.


Once past The Smile Newsstand, the main retail area is watched over by an imposing Mercator map salvaged from a non-disclosed oil company’s headquarters in Rockefeller Center. More than impressive in scale, the 1930s bronze sculpture “is an incredible feat of machine-age craftsmanship and would be near impossible to recreate today,” says Shinola brand creative director Daniel Caudill. In addition, a custom built steel catwalk—used for storing exposed inventory and displaying bikes—and spiral staircase were designed and installed by Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based Total Metal Resources. Outside of these industrial touches, the rather simple space does well to keep attention on the product, letting the brand aesthetic speak for itself. “We were heavily influenced by minimalist art, using basic geometric shapes, natural textures and clean finishes,” said Caudill on the store’s design inspiration. “We wanted the color and quality of the product to be the focus.”

As for the product, the TriBeCa shop introduces the Hillside + Shinola handkerchief collab—a precursor to an in-store Hickoree’s pop-up to come later this month—as well as a range of Detroit-made products from Smith Shop, Detroit Denim and Local Portion ceramics, among others. The Smile cafe and newsstand offers coffee and baked goods, as well as a selection of magazines and Detroit-centric books. After a quick stroll around the shop prior to opening, it was clear that the brand’s DNA, which is built on collaboration, shines bright.

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Although the industrial-inspired Detroit and boutiquey NYC stores differ in many ways—Detroit features a fully functioning bike building workshop and juice bar for example—they do share common threads through custom fixtures and an earnest commitment to hosting American-manufactured goods. Open now, the TriBeCa storefront and cafe by The Smile is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. For a closer look, see the slideshow.

177 Franklin St
New York, NY 10013

Images by Graham Hiemstra