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Soel: Memento


Bringing together elements of his African roots, Parisian upbringing and American musical influences, trumpeter Pascal Ohse, a.k.a. Soel, created a brilliant collection of music bridging jazz, ‘70s funky soul and R&B and ambient electronic music. Imagine the JB Horns smashed up with Miles Davis, Barry White and Brian Eno.

The recently released “Memento” was produced by longtime collaborator Ludovic Navarre, otherwise known as groundbreaking DJ St. Germain, at his home outside Paris. Soel employs music from various points in his life, including world, spoken word grooves and samples by the Last Poets, the controversial pre-hip hop collective from the early ‘70s. Top that off with some politically inspired diva vocals and you have a batch of songs that will make you want to blow off work and spend the day in bed naked with your lover.