Something I Ate

A seasonal gastronomic event celebrates delicious art and beautiful food


The cliché of the artist so wrapped up in his work that he routinely forgets to eat is a familiar one. Even those fiercely dedicated to their creativity can go beyond the practicality of eating to reap the true benefits of enjoying a meal. “Something I Ate,” a seasonal event series based in NYC, brings together a diverse group of artists to explore the purpose of food as more than just fuel. “From food, we derive pleasure and inspiration,” says co-founder Kat Popiel. “And these elements ignite our creative fires.”


Now in its third iteration, Something I Ate was founded by Popiel—who also launched the food magazine On Plate, Still Hungry—and Sam Kim of SkimKim Foods. The two set out to facilitate artists’ interpretations of the connections that exist between food and art, while also fostering a sense of community around the shared experience of food, drink and creative work. In the weeks prior to the event, participating artists are asked to keep a food diary and track the meals they consume over the course of seven days. These food diaries become the foundation for both the menu that is served at the event and the creative work unveiled, with each artist displaying a piece inspired by their documented eating habits.


“We refer to Something I Ate as a ‘happening’, we’re not art curators. We’ve simply approached creative folks from our community to become involved with the project,” says Popiel. Past works have included a video installation by Duffy Higgins, a wall of lollipops by Gastronomista and a sculpture inspired by Brian Hubble‘s weight gain after the completion of his food diary. “We want this to be an unusual playground for artists to explore their creativity outside their usual mediums,” she adds.


The latest edition of Something I Ate takes over Acme Studios in Williamsburg for a feast loosely themed around the atmosphere of a fall carnival. Cool Hunting favorite Kristen Wentrcek of Wintercheck Factory will present her Turkey Leg Pretzelbread Sammies with an updated ball-toss game and photographer Sidney Lo debuts his new series entitled “Sometimes When We Eat, We Eat Alone,” along with plentiful servings of deconstructed Orange-Ginger Pork Dumpling.

Something I Ate Fall 2011 takes place on 18 November 2011 in NYC. Tickets are available online for $30 ($15 for past Something I ate artists).