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Spain is Different


Splashes of Flamenco, golden beaches, sunshine, siestas and fiestas…Fortunately, the clichés about Spain also apply to some of the best indie music currently coming out of the country. Starting with a compilation of the newest and best Spanish music, here are a few CH picks to see you through the last days of summer in Spanish style.

Spain is Different, vol. 2
Like seeing a dream line-up at one of Spain's outdoor summer music fests, Spain is Different, vol. 2 features 10 previously unreleased tracks from the likes of Gecko Turner, JP Duet, and that range from afrobeat to reggae and blues to flamenco. the eclectic sounds are perfect for beachside lounging. Get it from Soulseduction.


Madrid de Los Austrias: ¡Más Amor!
Infused with flamenco's passion set to jazzy rhythms and breakbeats, it's a testament to European cross-culturalism that Austrian DJ Heinz Tronigger (also Sunshine Records' co-founder) and Austrian instrumentalist Pogo are behind Madrid de Los Austrias. Their 2004 album Más Amor stands out as an ideal choice for a spontaneous cocktail hour on the veranda or any other situation that requires a dreamy soundtrack. This year's remix album Grand Slam is a crowd-pleaser as well. Download Más Amor from Sunshine or buy from Amazon.


Christina Georgina
An established architect and designer/illustrator, the singer for Las Escarlatinas and Mate singer Almudena López goes undercover as Christina Georgina in mapa mundi, newly out on Siesta Records. Dreamy, charming, sweet, yet somehow saccharine-free, Christina Georgina invites comparisons to Isobel Campbell/The Gentle Waves, Ephemera, Coralie Clement, Nico, and Go- Betweens, proving her ability to craft warm indie pop harmonies. Under the production of indie-pop blue-bloods Ramón Leal and Mateo Guiscafré (Siesta co-founder) and with the collaboration of members of Mate, Plastic D'amour, and Los Brujos among others, Christina Georgina's one to watch. Pick up mapa mundi from Siesta.


Gecko Turner: Toda Mojaíta
The latest single from Gecko Turner, Spain's "Afrobeatnik" is a rich, joyful mix of Cuban salsa that's sure to get feet moving and hands in the air. Though it's not yet released in the U.S., you can find "Toda Mojaíta" on Turner's recent album Chandalismo Ilustrado, which is available from Lovemonk or by preorder from Amazon.


Marula Soul, vol. 2
Culled from the music of Marula Café, Madrid's underground electronic soul and funk venue, Marula Soul, vol. 2 is a jazzy compilation that seamlessly mixes tracks incorporating hip-hop, house, and even doses of bangra. The two-disc set includes a companion unmixed bonus CD with source tracks like Kurtis Blow's "The Breaks." Pick it up from Lovemonk.


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