The Sticks


Gaining massive acclaim since their inception just over two years ago, Aussie band, The Sticks are well on their way to finding fame, fortune and a whole lot of fun. Sourcing inspiration from the music that infused their youth (think David Bowie, Elvis and Ray Charles) the three part band (two of whom are brothers) create a perfect fusion of modern rock, indie soul and '60s pop. With impeccable vintage threads, ferocious stage presence and a style all their own, the band has developed an eternally-expanding fan base across the sunburned land. Having just released their debut EP through Red Records, playing shows with the likes of Little Birdy, Eskimo Joe and Dallas Crane and gearing up for a World tour early 2008, The Sticks are set to become the greatest Aussie export since Dame Edna. Cool Hunting caught up with guitarist, keyboardist and bass player Paul Luczak to for a quick Q&A.

Who are The Sticks?
Berny, Nick and Paul.

When did they form?
Late 2004.

What’s with the name?
That’s a secret.

Biggest influences?
Motown, Soul, ’60s pop.

Why should we listen to your music?
If you wanna have a good time.

Biggest achievement so far for the band?
Having our single “Do” as the theme song for the 2006 air-guitar championships in Germany.

If you could support any band (alive or dead) in the world, who would it be?
The Animals—and we supported them a couple of weeks back!

Any plans to travel soon?
World tour begins early 2008!

What sets The Sticks apart from the multitude of cool kids out there?
We’re not cool…That works right? It definitely sets us apart.