Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Built-to-order cars, a tilt-shift video, how to tell if you're a d-bag, and more


1. Flight Attendant Uniforms

From the jaunty matching cap to orange-and-pink striped polyester, the stewardess uniform has made many a transformation over the years, best highlighted in this slideshow which tracks styles from the ’40s to current incarnations.

2. BAFTA Nominee Posters

In honor of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards, graphic designer Tavis Coburn created retro posters for each “Best Picture” nominee. Polkadot covers the five, including iconic visuals from “Avatar” and “Precious.”

3. The Douche Test

Details magazine helpfully created a quiz “to see where you fall on the cultivated-asshole spectrum.” If you make your own ricotta cheese or have a devout love for typefaces, this giant tool-o-meter has some bad news for you.

4. Javelin

Pitchfork anticipates Brooklyn-based duo Javelin‘s debut album, No Mas, out 20 April 2010 with an mp3. Using found sounds and a little elbow grease, cousins Tom van Buskirk and George Langford stitch together the next wave of dance tunes for a mix that will have everyone on their feet.

5. OK Go: This Too Shall Pass

For anyone who thought nothing could surpass their treadmill video, check out OK Go’s equally creative second take for their song “This Too Shall Pass.” Filmed in an Echo Park warehouse, OK Go collaborated with director James Frost and Synn Labs for a colorful set that took months to build.

6. The Sandpit

Sam O’Hare perfectly illustrates a day in New York City with his video “The Sandpit,” featured on Neatorama. Comprised of 35,000 tilt-shift photographs, the video makes an impressive display of both images and meticulous compilation.

7. Robert Geller Pop-Up Shop

Acclaimed NYC menswear designer Robert Geller selects exclusive pieces from his newest collection to to peddle at a Lower East Side pop-up shop. The shop runs through 15 April 2010 at 129 Rivington Street in NYC.

8. Comme des Garcons: Homme Plus

Hypebeast highlights editorial images from the upcoming issue of Japan’s High Fashion magazine, showing a distinctive powder-faced model wearing the “Homme Plus” line from the avant-garde fashion label Comme des Garcons.

9. Mitsuoka Motors

Little-known Japanese automaker Mitsuoka Motors has been crafting retro-British inspired sports cars for over half a century. The painstakingly handmade automobiles, sold at select dealerships in the Middle East and Asia, sell for around $100,000.

10. Pantone Make Up Concepts

First it was graphic designer Alex Cornell’s Pantone Palette Cleanser, now it’s product designer Renata Veiga’s clever Pantone-branded nail polish and eye shadow who use Pantone, the eponymous purveyor of all things color, to inspire their product design.