Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Live insect jewelry, edible spray paint, seasonal bitters, and more


1. Benjamin Graindorge

The work of charmingly shy designer Benjamin Graindorge graces the screen of Sight Unseen, who offer a brief but insightful profile on the Frenchman who’s a former Bouroullec brothers intern and rising talent.

2. Live Insect Jewelry

Berlin’s Nerdcore highlighted Brooklyn-based designer Mike Kelberman’s creepy live insect jewelry. Dubbed “Putrefashion,” the laser-cut bracelets enclose and display favorite insects, sandwiched between plastic and kept alive through small breathing holes.

3. Esslack Food Spray

Known for their power tool-inspired products, The Deli Garage food coop puts a brawny spin on delicate palates with their Esslack Food Spray, shown on The Urban Grocer. Stocked with edible gold and silver paint, the Korefe-designed cans turn apples into art.

4. How To Film Nature

For their new film “Life,” the BBC employed inventive and insane methods to capture the myriad living things on earth. In this video, David Attenborough reveals how the filmmakers used time-lapse and high speed photography to capture an English countryside over the seasons.

5. Vintage Luggage Labels

Featured on Neatorama, graphic designer Tom Schifanella’s collection of vintage luggage labels reflect exciting times both in travel and poster design. With designs by Roger Broders, Jan Lavies and Mario Borgoni, the Flickr collection traverses the world through the eyes of classic graphic designers.

6. Livesurface

Needs/Wants shows us Livesurface, a new image service that realizes your graphic designs in physical form by allowing you to paste them on their professionally-photographed blank canvas objects, including business cards, lotion bottles, and more.

7. Seasonal Bitters

Using all-natural, seasonal ingredients, Brooklyn-based, small-batch bitters company A.B. Smeby concocts dazzling cocktail flavor kicks such as licorice-nectarine, spiced cranberry and apple-cinnamon with molasses. Currently, select Manhattan bars and restaurants, including The Modern, PDT, and Braeburn, stock them.

8. I Am Not An Artist

Making its rounds far and wide across the Internet this week, I Am Not An Artist showcased a grid full of highly creative animated GIFs. The website, commissioned by Barcelona’s Elisava Design School, aims to become a platform for young creatives to showcase their work.

9. Thank You Too

Thank You Too is a business card-sized booklet of 30 “Thank You” phrases that you can rip out and leave for unknowing friends or random strangers. The company will also hand write a specific Thank You card to send to someone special.

10. Stanley & Sons Apron and Bag

Brooklyn-based artisan Stanley & Sons designs aprons and bags by hand out of materials ranging from rare denim fabrics to U.S. military pup tent canvas.