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Zee.Dog Leashes

Bold, bright dog gear from Brazil for pups with personality


While there’s an impressive offering of high-quality leashes four four-legged friends on the market, like RESQ/CO’s rope leash, sometimes a bit of attitude is what the dog park lacks. Recently launched Rio de Janeiro-based Zee.Dog creates high-quality dog products for the pups (and of course owners) who aren’t afraid to be bold. “We founded Zee.Dog on the basis of a necessity,” says founder Thadeu Diz, “as dog owners ourselves we couldn’t find products that we could identify with.” Diz sought to create a pet brand inspired by heavy-hitting labels like Skullcandy.

zeedog-2a.jpg zeedog-2b.jpg

Not only does Diz’s art direction and branding make a statement, the design and materials used further sets them apart from the pack. All of Zee.Dog’s leashes come equipped with a heavy duty stainless steel hook. Meanwhile a high-grade premium nylon makes up the length of the leash. Zee.Dog makes gear for dogs of all shapes and sizes, but the standout is The Ruff—a leash designed for the biggest, most energetic pups. The Ruff features a shock-absorber just above the hook to reduce pull on the owner’s arm, while a soft neoprene-like handle lining provides enough comfort to spend all day with your best friend by your side. The leash’s shorter design is perfect for city-dwelling dog owners looking to keep their dogs close in heavy foot traffic.

In addition to leashes, Zee.Dog produces a full range of pet accessories to keep your pooch looking fresh. The company also donates a portion of their proceeds to various animal welfare causes and is a vocal advocate for pet adoption. Zee.Dog products are available online at both pet and non-pet stores across the world.

Images by Hans Aschim


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