AIGA’s Well-Trained “Eye on Design”

The design industry's leading authority brings its perspective into the 21st century with a new blog filled with creative inspiration


Fresh from celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2014, AIGA—one of the ultimate authorities on design—has turned its focus to the 21st century with its new blog: Eye on Design. AIGA has always stood on the cutting edge of the design world (and helps set its standards more often than not), and the highly anticipated launch of Eye on Design opens the juggernaut’s expert perspective to a broader, more diverse audience than ever. The blog functions as a peep behind the scenes and into the minds of the industry’s movers and shakers: whose work they are currently admiring, new faces and ideas, and a “water cooler” spot for opinions and reviews. Designed by Leta Sobiersajski, Eye on Design adheres to AIGA’s mission to inspire and amplify, and its popping layout begs to be explored. Especially alluring is the website’s logo, which flips the institution’s “I” into a blinking eye, emphasizing both AIGA’s focus on the industry and its camera-like ability to capture the industry’s best moments.


“Developing and managing a design blog has long been a dream project for me,” says Managing Editor, Perrin Drumm. “So getting to do that—plus help start to revamp AIGA’s web presence, has been an amazing opportunity.” Joined by a cast of heavy-hitting contributors, Drumm has truly created a publication worth watching as it grows in its first year.

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Images courtesy of Eye on Design