Arc Phone Case’s Advanced Ergonomics

A multifunctional X-shaped wrap for iPhones, Androids and the Google Pixel

In the phone case product category, just about everything feels as if it’s been addressed, from waterproof and indestructible to bedazzled and novelty. And yet, the Arc Case—on Kickstarter now—doesn’t look like any other and incorporates the functionality of many. An ergonomic criss-crossed body set atop heavy knit elastic strips actually allows room for a finger to slip behind—mimicking the functionality of a ring. Rivets and bumpers on the corners of the X shape act as a buffer if the phone is dropped. The shape and stretch allows for a stow-space, much like a wallet case. And finally, a retractable leg turns the case into a stand. Created by Dave Kang, an industrial design graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, this case has some clever design thinking behind it. Kang’s vision is both comprehensive and minimal—all the while exposing much of the beauty of one’s smartphone. Further, it’s compatible with iPhones from 6 forward, many Android devices and the Google Pixel. Its true mission is to prevent individuals from dropping larger phones and that’s what motivated Kang to imagine such a unique but simple solution.

An Arc Case pledge starts at $20, and it’s available in white or black.

Images courtesy of Blvck Brick