Tactile Equations by Page Thirty Three

A stunning new collection of functional objects of wonder from the Australian design studio

Sydney-based design studio Page Thirty Three has a knack for transforming their daydreams into functional products—which explains why their pieces (like the laboratory-esque Black Marble Oil Burner) are ones that incite wonder and some head-turning. Page Thirty Three’s latest thematic collection, “Tactile Equations,” is their most stunning and cohesive yet, with each piece relating to a daily ritual: from turning on the light to burning incense. The miniature monuments look beautiful, but aren’t just meant to be observed; each of the five designs prods a “tactile response” from the user, solidifying a connection between owner and object.

You’re meant to unfold the Australian Bluestone outer layers of the Stratosphere lamp, for example, to let it shine. Slip in blackened pine inserts to the brass Zig Zag Table to make it level; take them out when you don’t want anything on the table. The steel base of the Interlock candle holders are modular so you can create clusters.

As with any Page Thirty Three product, partners Ryan Hanrahan and Bianca Riggio are dedicated to sourcing local, renewable materials and manufacturing in Australia. “Where possible we choose local materials simply for the ecological benefits; the less distance a material travels the better it is for the environment,” Hanrahan tells CH. Using the example of one of their prominent material choices, Australian Bluestone, he continues, “Firstly, we love the texture of the stone. It has all these small clusters of craters that resemble the surface of the moon when looking through a telescope. Secondly, we like the dark blue tone of the rock when polished or sealed.”

Page Thirty Three’s Tactile Equations collection ranges from $320 AUD for the Void incense burner to $1980 for the Stratosphere lamp.

Images courtesy of Page Thirty Three