Avroko for Mona & Holly


From the award-winning restaurant design team Avroko comes an equally adept collection of "uniforms" for the playful womenswear label Mona & Holly. Muddling the lines between service and fashion, Avroko's recent endeavor was inspired by the modest nurse attire from the 1900s and the glamorous steward outfits of the '50s, resulting in a collection of beautifully detailed, elegant apparel.

The limited edition line will be worn by the hostesses at Avroko's NYC restaurants Double Crown and Public, and will also be available for mainstream purchase at select boutiques in New York, Chicago and Dallas beginning next month. Already addressing architectural projects from top to bottom, the design studio's transition into fashion only further expands their creative scope.

Mona & Holly provide a great balance to the concept with their natural affinity for retro-inspired designs full of whimsy and femininity.


Keep an eye out for the collection at boutiques like Otte in NYC or check the Mona & Holly website in April. Prices range from $75 to $365.