Blu Dot’s Hot Mesh Collection

The Minneapolis-based brand offers a metal mesh side chair for indoor/outdoor enjoyment

blue-dot-hot-mesh-chair1.jpg blu-dot-hot-mesh-stool-2.jpg

Though officially founded in 1997, in recent years Minneapolis-based Blu Dot has increasingly gained a larger audience thanks to a playful, function-forward approach, unpretentious attitude and generally modest prices—offering a significant step up from entry level brands like IKEA, without sacrificing quality or design integrity. As a tip of the hat to NYC’s lovely summer and one of Blu Dot’s more eye-catching designs, we took a closer look at the brand’s first foray into indoor/outdoor furnishing, the Hot Mesh Chair, which has recently been updated with brighter colors and a couple of height variations.

Originally inspired by the steam-bent wood cafe chairs that populate coffee shops and diners around the world, Hot Mesh’s organic shape has been adjusted through multiple design iterations to create a basic form that’s comfortable, stackable and attractive. The geometric mesh skin is smart—when paired with a thin powder-coated steel frame, it’s durable, weatherproof and catches your attention without being too visually intrusive.

Visit Blu Dot online to see more of the Hot Mesh collection, now available in a side chair, two heights of bar stools and two round cafe tables, with prices starting at $119.

Images courtesy of Blu Dot