Brad Teasdale Mosaics


Brooklyn-based artist, Brad Teasdale, blends contemporary concrete and glass design with classical mosaic craftsmanship. Teasdale's aesthetic stems from a juxtaposition of the materials themselves. He combines glass, concrete, wood, and steel to articulate natural contrasts of "light and dark," "grit and beauty" and "permanence and change."


His latest project, "Leela" (which means "god's play in Sanskrit), is a custom installation. To create it, Teasdale combined blown glass (murrini rods) with sheet glass and stainless steel to create an august expression of the unity of form. It has taken Teasdale exactly a year to fashion this piece, perhaps a temporal reflection of his insight into cyclical patterns and natural forms.

We love Teasdale's work because it strikes a perfect balance between fine art and utilitarian purpose. "The stories that I tell represent the conflict and harmony between man and nature", says Teasdale.

Teasdale does custom installations, architectural applications, furniture, and fine art.