Bureau Subduction at Paris Design Week

Designed by Paul Venaille, this desk honors his obsession with volcanoes


At this year’s Paris Design Week, CH hit now! Le Off at The Docks to catch an intriguing collection of creative furniture and decor. One of this year’s standouts was a thoughtfully crafted desk by designer Paul Venaille. Suitably named, the Bureau Subduction honors Venaille’s love for everything volcanic. By nature of the term “subduction,” there are two design elements involved in this his piece: A fixed component and a moving plane, through which the designer honors the essence of tectonic motion in the clever creation of a desk designed to keep a workspace handsomely tidy.

Venaille-desk-10.jpg Venaille-desk-11.jpg

The piece also invokes the nature of a volcano by way of its color palette—the inspired storage drawers and boxes feature an ombré paint job from a bright, golden yellow to a deep red. The horizontal unit that holds the neatly aligned boxes folds back into the table, hiding the boxes flush with the desk top, allowing for two places to store desk accessories. The revealed surface is crafted of beautifully placed wood—over 300 sheets of laminated veneer—symbolizing the rock strata created during tectonic plate movement.

Photos by Karen Day