Switzerland's newest design trio debuts their dead simple chair designed for taking it easy

ace-chair1.jpg ace-chair2.jpg

A simple concept with an equally simple name, “Chair” has an extended backrest, designed so you can easily throw your arm over it and relax. Easily stackable and with a straightforward geometric form, on first take Chair looks like it might be one of Ikea’s more high-quality products. But, the brainchild of Arnault Weber, Camille Blin and Emmanuel Mbesse—the industrious trio behind the newly-formed A C E studio—the chair is actually produced by local artisans in Vaud, Switzerland with the designers overseeing every step. Nothing short of fully considered design, the sensible seat is the cornerstone of their Collection 1, a six-piece series of furniture made from Swiss ash that includes shelves, tables and lighting.

Weber explains the Lausanne-based project has its roots in a shared desire to “change the Swiss design scene. We really want to work together with designers from our generation and edit their work and also work with more famous designers.” A C E serves as both design studio and a platform for collaborators to sell their works.


The price for Chair is around €500, and can be ordered through the A C E website.