Chicken Co-Op

Luxury living for the urban hen


The team at NYC’s multi-disciplinary studio RAAD have re-invented the urban chicken residence. The Chicken Co-Op is a multi-level living space for city dwelling poultry.


Designed from the bottom up to be at “the forefront of sustainability,” the Co-Ops are composed of acrylic sheets and exterior grade plywood, which separates the three floors—each catering to a specific lifestyle. The ground floor comprises the “Run Area,” a general living space where the tenants can exercise and interact. This is underneath an open mezzanine that leads up to the “Egg Lounge,” a perching area where the chickens can roost (and potentially romance) in the evenings before retiring to one of four private luxury spaces that also act as egg collection stations. All of these features are cleverly presented in a modern real estate style brochure


In addition to providing some happy hens with great views and loft-like living, the Co-Op is also designed for easy interaction. The main living space slides out for easy cleaning and each nesting area has a back panel that opens for convenient early morning egg collection. The space also includes a storage closet for feed and bedding supplies, and uses passive heating methods—including a solar powered fan for cooling down the coop during hotter months.


With floor plans better than some NYC apartments, the Chicken Co-Op provides a well-designed solution for intrepid urbanites who want farm fresh eggs. You can purchase your own feathered-friend highrise from the online store for $3,500.