Cristian Reyes Studio Giros Table

A solid ash side table with elevating top tier for added storage space

Cristian-Reyes-studio-Giros-1.jpg Cristian-Reyes-studio-Giros-2.jpg

Amongst the many emerging industrial designers we met while visiting Feria Habitat Valencia in September 2012, Cristian Reyes Studio was a true standout. In the year since our introduction, the Spanish designer has continued to experiment in warm natural woods and his recent Giros table design is particularly attention-grabbing. Made entirely of solid ash, the study table presents a simple solution to a cluttered counter. With the twist of the threaded top tier, the plane elevates from the colored subsurface with which it was previously nesting. By adjusting the height of the surfaces, the user doubles their storage space without jeopardizing aesthetics or functionality, making for a clever side table fit for home or office use.

For more information on the Giros table contact Cristian Reyes Studio.

Images courtesy of Cristian Reyes