Curvas Dining Chair

Beauty in simplicity realized by Portugese designer Gonçalo Campos


When we last heard from Portugese product designer Gonçalo Campos he had just announced the Geo table, a beautiful balance of raw and polished materials. Now, building on this refined aesthetic is the Curvas dining chair, a solid pine seat purposefully designed to be comfortable and beautiful. To blend high and low tech production Campos called upon computer-controlled machinery to cut each piece, while relying on a small team of skilled craftsman for assembly.

Curvas-chair-3.jpg Curvas-chair-2.jpg

Each elegant curve, from the fine-tuned back rest to the arching arms, was precisely calculated to provide proper support with a minimum use of material surface area. To learn more about the Curvas dining chair, fabricated by Portuguese joinery experts Wewood, visit Gonçalo Campos online.