Digital By Design


In a world becoming more advanced every minute, with everything from virtual reality pinball machines to the common smart phone, it's difficult to make sense of it all. U.K. design studio (and CH heroes) Troika (check out Troika on CH Video here) does just that with their recent book, "Digital By Design," a complete survey of the most innovative digital products and works of art today. Way more than your standard coffee-table book, "Digital By Design" assesses the relationships between technology, product design, immersive environments and human interaction from a standpoint of how they relate to our daily lives. Commissioned by renowned art publisher Thames and Hudson and featuring a foreword by MoMA's design curator Paola Antonelli, Troika explores intelligent design and the designers behind the objects extensively and with an objective perspective.


Graduates of the Royal College of Art, the trio behind Troika are particularly well-suited for the project, drawing on their backgrounds in graphics, communication, art, product design and engineering to create works that toy with technology's role and capabilities, most notably their recent digital sculpture, "Cloud," at Heathrow airport (see our 2006 video for examples).

The book is available at Amazon.