Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5

A mountain bike featuring a mid-sized wheel diameter that offers agility and toughness, on the way up and down


Innovations in bike design happen so often and with such technical precision, it’s often difficult to keep up with changes. However mountain bikes are undergoing a major design shift that is both easily recognizable and also has major riding benefits. Traditionally, mountain bike wheels are 26” with a more recent 29” (known as a 29er) wheel size to roll over rough terrain and obstacles with speed and ease—though the larger wheel comes at the price of decreased acceleration and maneuverability. Along with a few other innovators in the bike game, Giant has adopted a middle ground: 27.5” wheels. The Anthem Advanced—designed for Enduro racing during which riders race downhill on winding trails then climb back up, testing both their handling and stamina—is the most elite bike to make use of this new design technology.

“The 27.5 design is the best of both worlds,” says Global Product Marketing Manager
Andrew Juskaitis, “On the one hand, you can roll through anything—tree limbs, rough trail, rocks—yet the wheel is far more nimble and quick to move than run-of-the-mill 29ers.” This new wheel design, coupled with the Anthem’s high-grade carbon fiber frame and bump-eliminating Maestro Suspension, makes bombing hills a breeze. Weighing considerably less than other bikes in its class, climbing and covering ground has never been easier. Believing so much in the new 27.5” design, Giant has incorporated the new wheel size into its full range of mountain bikes. The Anthem Advanced starts at $8250.

Images courtesy of Giant