Max Hazan’s 1996 Royal Enfield Bullet 500

The former airplane and boat builder's artistic take on custom motorcycle design


With a background in building airplanes, boats and even custom furniture, Max Hazan has an endless list of references to pull inspiration and ideas from. Through this varied experience Hazan has found motorcycles to be his be all and end all in terms of artistic medium. Using a range of materials, Hazan’s custom designs achieve a beautiful balance between mechanical art and functional machine. A stunning example of which is his recently completed 1996 Royal Endfield Bullet 500.


Rarely seen outside of India, the Royal Enfield is a rare find in the first place. And this one has been custom built from the ground up—from frame to every single lever and linkage—over a span of two solid months. It’s something really special. While each detail is impeccable, nothing demands the attention quite like the solid wood seat. Referencing boat and furniture building techniques, the hardwood seat acts as both a beautiful place to sit as well as a rear fender, embodying the functional sculpture concept.


For more insight into Hazan’s design inspiration and execution, as well as a closer look at his 1996 Royal Enfield Bullet 500, see Hazan’s recent interview with industrial designer Dave Mucci for his motorcycle and design blog Moto-Mucci.

Images courtesy of David Hans Cooke and David Browning