HHI Ninety-Two

Philadelphia's custom motorcycle outfitter's new stripped-down city slayer


Built from a beefy 2007-08 Triumph Bonneville body, Hammarhead Industries‘ new Ninety-Two model falls firmly in line with the bad ass, bare-essentials aesthetic HHI has effortlessly grown to own. Originally designed and built as a one-off for the founder of Swedish workwear brand Dunderdon as part of their recent collaboration collection, the Ninety-Two turned out so well James Hammarhead and the crew decided to introduce it as a new model.


Designed to battle the streets—and come out on top, unscathed—the Mad Max-esque motorcycle is outfitted with Marine-grade materials for the fenders, seat and matte-finish paint. And as the unofficial HHI saying goes, “you can have any color you’d like, as long as it’s black.” The Ninety-Two is murdered out accordingly, and better off for it.


Stripped of all non-essential elements, the Ninety-Two gets the special treatment from HHI intakes, Keihin FCR carbs and a wide-open Zard exhaust to boost performance and make sure it’s ready to hit hell from the second the gun sounds. On top of the internals, the performance-driven, 865cc Twin Triumph features aggressive suspension, wheels and tires that stand up to cobblestone streets or cross-country trips.


As the newest model to be introduced, the streamlined Ninety-Two is now available from Hammarhead Industries exclusively for $16,500 with a lead build time of 90 days. Visit HHI online for a closer look at the Ninety-Two and other equally impressive offerings from the Philadelphia-based builders.