Elegant, handcrafted porcelain light fixtures that play on translucency


The natural ceramic elements within porcelain clay inspire the organic designs that make immerLit unique. Almost flowering downward from the base of each hanging fixture, these handmade and customizable lights are art pieces, as well as functional home decor items. immerLit founder and Creative Director, Gabriella Levy designs the one-of-a-kind lights to be beautiful—with or without the light source activated. When an LED bulb (the recommended source for these fixtures) is alight, an optional subtle layer of color—painted within the interior—illuminates and accents any indoor space. They’re also available with a glossy or matte finish.

“I absolutely love the idea of functional art,” Levy tells CH. “Creating beauty, an ethereal atmosphere and a real conversation starter while providing an essentially necessary product seemed like a no-brainer.” She also makes clear that the porcelain source material more than directly impacts each piece: “It really has a mind of its own and it’s my job to help realize each piece’s destiny.” On why it lends itself perfectly to lighting, Levy calls upon the transparency each piece can invoke due to “malleability, versatility and natural translucency.” It is only with porcelain that a true play between the material, translucency and light can manifest.


Levy has been working with clay for over 10 years, but explains that “the company, as a concept, hope and dream, is about four years old. The company, as an official business entity, is less than one year old.” She defines that process of crafting each piece as a primitive one. “Perhaps not the most efficient, but for me, the most expressive. Each piece, depending on size and shape, can take anywhere from three to six hours, give or take.” Each piece receives two separate firings at over 2,000 degrees °F. This allows the porcelain to vitrify completely and begets its transparent nature. All of this individualized work means that, “No two lights will ever be identical. Each piece is created with porcelain, water and my two hands,” says Levy.

The customization element of her works means that by “adjusting the shape, size and glaze colors, it is possible to create lighting that not only fits a space, but enhances its overall atmosphere.” Levy often builds pieces for specific patrons and their locations. She has plans to expand the line of fixtures in the future to include both table and floor lamps.

immerLit lights are available online for between $250 to $425.

Images courtesy of Hopskoch Photography