In Every Tree

by Richard Prime


Working between the boundaries of art and design under the label In Every Tree, Swedish designers Maria Larsson and Maria Olevik focus on sculptural bone china objects, as well as light in its spatial context.

The designers investigate the use of modern technology and the role it plays in transforming physical objects into immaterial articles, creating all of their beautifully captivating work by hand in their studio.


With a number of exhibitions, installations and projects already completed, In Every Tree has a wide-ranging portfolio of designs. Functional pieces like the Porcelain Factory salt and pepper shakers pay homage to the small number of porcelain factories still operating in Sweden, while the Phonohorn speaker highlights forward-thinking technology with a nod to the past.

"It's important that our objects tell a story and create a sense of atmosphere," explains Larsson. "In our working process we create a space where memories and dreams transform to become a physical object," continues Olevik.


The duo's talent really shines when working with the various elements of light, truly capturing the beauty of their chosen "material." Inspired by the Japanese tissue tree Davidia Involucrate, Larsson and Olevik delicately cast their bone china Hanging Leaves from real leaves. The sculptural objects produce a haunting effect when strung in a cluster.


For the coming winter, the pair came out with their latest project, called Art of Writing, which remakes books as objects. Cast in bone china from molds made of real books, the level of detail in these luminescent sculptures creates a tactile light experience that works on a bookshelf or as a nice twist to intellectual coffee-table fodder.