Useful features hidden within a minimally designed iPad cover

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Founded less than a year ago, Spain-based Lacambra hand-makes leather products with an emphasis on clean lines, simplistic design and customizable options. While the range of bags, backpacks and cases seems basic at first look, their thoughtful designs reveal a myriad of smart features upon closer inspection. Plus, each product is available in multiple colors with the option for mixing and matching both inside and out, or adding a custom monogram. We were particularly impressed by the iPad Cover for its range of utility packed within such a richly simple case.


On the outside of the sturdy leather folio you’ll find a single pocket just deep enough for a single letter or thin packet of paper. On the inside are three card slots and one larger pocket for papers or cords, while the opposite side is reserved to snugly hold all generations of the iPad behind a slender leather flap and a leather-covered elastic band.


Taking a second to focus on the fine details one will notice matching stitching throughout and a few important technical features. The single leather strap hides magnets that connect the case’s two sides to prop up your iPad at an angle for proper viewing. A strip of canvas tucked in an interior pocket rolls up into a pyramid similar to the Apple Smart Cover design, and can be placed underneath the iPad a few different ways to elevate the device for a more comfortable writing position.


While we must admit a tendency to shy away from anything bulkier than a Smart Cover alone, Lacambra’s iPad Case makes a strong argument for some handsome extra packaging. With just enough room for the essentials and an elegant unisex design, this case may very well become a go-to for traveling.

The Lacambra iPad Cover sells online for $150. For a closer look at color options and sample customizations see the additional images in the slideshow.

Images by Graham Hiemstra