Le Programme de ma Semaine

Plan week by week with this Francophile notebook


Combining their love of French tendance with clean and playful design, Tokyo stationery brand Mark’s Inc. aptly call their striking weekly planner “Le programme de ma semaine.” Each page features a blank calendar with the days divided into two sections, while the unprinted reverse side provides ample room for jotting down notes. The spiral-bound style helps both for laying it open on a desk or for times like Fashion Week when you’ve got to stay on task but your adorably tiny purse won’t allow for the full notebook.


I happen to love this vibrant raspberry color, but the planner comes in a variety of colors from their online shop Mark’s Tokyo Edge (¥420) as well as from Papernation (£5) in the U.K. If you’re in Barcelona or Madrid, you might find it where I did (thanks Maite!) at the great bookstore
La Central